How to start buying on klikpakar

1. Find freelancer service



2. See job detail and “click buy for RMXX”


3. Choose payment option

 paypay only = Just for user make payment using paypal account

card or internet banking = for user to make payment using debit/credit card , or also for user want to make local bank transfer (Maybank, Cimbbank, Bsn bank, Bank Rakyat and etc)

we will choose for internet banking


4. You will direct to payment page

5. Add your contact information at form


6. Choose you method for payment, we will choose internet banking


7. Choose bank for make payment, i will choose maybank

servis murah

8. After that, you need to click “Pay RM…..” at bottom


9. You will direct to banking online page (image below if you choose maybank payment)

10. Log in you online banking detail account and you will see the detail for payment , just click continue


11. Just get request for TAC and add TAC number, after that click confirm

12. After you done pay, you will direct to transaction service page and you need to follow the instructions for the buyer.


12. Wait the job processing until done , after done you need to give review for seller.


Jun 14, 2018