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Aeon is a standalone HTML template designed to help you sell your domains. It comes with both HTML and PHP versions for easier handling of the contact form, Google Analytics, and Google reCAPTCHA.

Choose from 8 different colors for the theme and background, including options for a color background or a textured one.

Template is fully responsive and meets Section 508 / WCAG 2.0 A accessibility standards.



PHP & HTML Versions - 
index.php and index.html are both available for your customization needs. The PHP file is fully scripted, while the HTML version provides a semi-functional shell.
PHP Mailer / Config - Simply edit the "Site-Config.php" file included with the template to get your site off the ground
.Responsive Design - Works in any size via internal liquid design and media queries.
Well Commented HTML - Each section is split by comments and is easy to read and modify.
Domain List Capable - Upload / link to a text list of domains (one per line) to quickly and easily populate additional domains.
reCAPTCHA Integration - Optionally include your reCAPTCHA keys to add SPAM protection to the contact form. Can also be enabled or disabled at will.
8 Colors- Includes 8 different color schemes / background combinations to choose from. Thematic CSS is also split out to make it more modifiable.
Texture Backgrounds- Includes two different types of background images, gradient and textured.
PSD Files Included - Full layered PSD files included for each picture used in the template design.
Google Analytics Support - Optionally fill out the ID code in the "Site-Config.php" file to generate the Google Analytics code in your header.
Cross Browser, IE8+ Works in multiple browsers, using CSS2 as a base with CSS3 styles to accent. Includes HTML5 Shim and Placeholders.js support.
Section 508 / WCAG 2.0 A - Compliant with US government and accessibility standards.
Font Awesome Icons - We used Font Awesome for all of the template icons, it's fully integrated an ready to go in the template.

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